Sponsor a Tortoise!

All of the tortoises at ABPRI are either educational tortoises or species facing extinction in the wild. You can help the Preserve by adopting a tortoise. Your support will help provide your tortoise with access to various fruits (pineapple, watermelon, grapes, etc.). Your donation also helps provide your tortoise with enrichments, such as enclosure sprinklers, shell scrubs and more grazing opportunities.

We breed endangered tortoises to help ensure the species’ survival in the future. Captive breeding programs create a diverse, healthy genetic pool which is critical for reintroduction efforts should the species go extinct in the wild.

By adopting one of our endangered tortoises, you not only help the individual tortoise on the Preserve, but you help its counterparts in the wild. If you choose to adopt a tortoise, you will receive occasional newsletters, as well as photo and behavioral updates on your tortoise via e-mail.

More information about the tortoises up for adoption coming soon!

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