Friends and Partners

At ABPRI, we are proud to partner with many community businesses and organizations to further our goals of education and preservation. Learn more about our friends and partners here.

JAX Herp Society

The Jacksonville Herpetological Society, founded in 1987, is a group dedicated to amphibians and reptiles and includes members across North-east Florida.

The Gainesville Herpetological Society celebrates amphibians and reptiles in Alachua County and beyond.

santa-fe-teaching-zoo-logo 100

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo shares our commitment to providing the highest quality care for animal residents, and many of our volunteers and interns come to us through the Teaching Zoo program.


ABPRI is happy to partner with our friends at The Rattlesnake Conservancy to help protect these amazing reptiles from deliberate destruction and decline due to habitat loss.

Our friends at Wild Green Future are a great group spreading the word about the environment and making people laugh every day.

Want to partner with ABPRI? Check out our sponsorship opportunities!

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