Visual Guide to Tadpoles

Welcome to the Visual Guide to Tadpoles of the Eastern United States!

This citizen science project is designed to document the appearance of tadpoles commonly found in the eastern part of the country. Tadpoles can be highly variable and because species may look similar to one another, which presents challenges for herpetology enthusiasts looking to learn more about these important creatures.

The Guide is set up so that users can search for tadpoles one of two ways: by common name or by scientific name:

Tadpoles by common name

Tadpoles by scientific name

You can learn more about the history of this project by clicking here.

The Visual Guide to Tadpoles of the Eastern United States is a work in progress and we are always looking for new contributions. If you have high-quality photos of tadpoles that you would like to submit to the guide, please contact Matthew Ratcliffe at, or send them to

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