We’re dedicated to conservation education.

We are committed to educating the public about the importance of conservation. We believe that through education comes the real success in conservation: and preserving the natural livelihoods of generations to come. Through our outreach programs and continuing partnerships with local conservation organizations, we strive to always uphold our motto: “Education Leads to Preservation.”

The Preserve educates the people of Florida on upland species and the importance these species hold for Florida’s ecosystems, as well as the importance they hold for us as humans. We have an educational collection of resident animals which accompany us on outreach programs as well to workshops held on the Preserve. Meeting our resident animals allows individuals to get up close with species they may have never encountered before. These encounters help dispel myths about creatures – like snakes – that suffer from a poor reputation in our culture. Interacting with our resident animals helps give visitors and guests a new-found respect and appreciation for the wildlife living side-by-side with us.

Additionally, we house various educational workshops on property. The workshops range from animal husbandry workshops to certification workshops for those looking to work with gopher tortoises in the state of Florida.

We’re happy to do both public and private local outreach events. If you are interested in hosting a representative from Ashton Biological Preserve, you can request a speaker here.

NOTE: Due to heath concerns during the current pandemic, we are temporarily halting outreach programming. We look forward to seeing you when it is safe to do so!

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