Florida Watersnake

Nerodia fasciata (non-venomous)

Most Florida Watersnakes encountered are less than three feet, however these semi-aquatic snakes can reach up to nearly four feet long. Unlike Banded Watersnakes found north of Florida which usually have more uniform banding, these watersnakes have a variable pattern usually consisting of reds, browns, tans, grays or black that present in bands around the snake. Florida watersnakes are one of the most commonly encountered snakes and can be seen hunting at night along the edge of a pond or crossing roadways at night during the spring and summer.  Because of the similar habitat and appearance to the Cottonmouth, these two species are often confused.  Even though the Florida Watersnake is not venomous like the Cottonmouth, they have sharp teeth, readily strike, and can deliver a painful bite.

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